Hilbay, La Viña weigh in on voiding of Trillanes amnesty

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Solicitor General Florin Hilbay on Tuesday thumbed down the issuance of Proclamation 572 revoking the amnesty given to opposition Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV.

“Senator Trillanes was a prominent leader of the Oakwood and Manila Pen incidents for which an amnesty was issued by President Aquino and concurred in by Congress. President Duterte has no unilateral constitutional authority to nullify an amnesty given and accepted eight years ago,” Hilbay said on his Twitter account.

On the other hand, Antonio La Viña, former Dean of the Ateneo School of Government, echoed Hilbay’s views.

“The first question to ask: is this legal? Among others, can it be done without the concurrence of Congress which concurred on that amnesty? The revocation of the Trillanes amnesty is a blatant attack on critics and the political opposition. Beyond Trillanes, it is illegal and wrong policy wise,” La Viña said also on Twitter.

“What message are we sending to those we have concluded peace agreements with or negotiating with if their previous or future amnesties can be revoked just like that?” he added.

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