Feb 9, 2021 @ 16:42

Here are the many times Leonen proved he’s a king of interpellations

Associate Justice Marvic Leonen’s intense line of questioning during the second day of the Supreme Court oral arguments on the Anti-Terrorism Law is sending serious shivers to law students and practicing abogados alike.

Leonen unleashed sharp, stinging questions to the petitioners who want the high court to strike down the controversial law as unconstitutional for violating personal freedoms, which quickly made his name viral online within the first hour of the intense interpellations.

Among Leonen’s trademark lines include:
1) “I think you overstepped your boundary, that is for the SolGen. Baka ma-quo warranto ka.” – he told Atty. Neri Colmenares, taking a swipe at Solicitor General Jose Calida’s favorite method of booting court justices out of office
2) “You know Atty. Neri, you are convincing me. If you do are not listening to my questions, I will not be able to understand from my perspective.”
3) “Is that not correct?” – when he lays out facts during his interpellation time
4) “You are telling us that when they file a petition for habeas corpus here, we will certainly dismiss it… You know better than Manila Times, the result of the action of the court? You know better than us?”
5) “That is your interpretation and you do not sit on the bench, correct?”

Many netizens were in awe of Leonen’s brain power. Others were downright afraid, imagining they were in the shoes of the seven lawyers before the court.



Others saw it as an opportunity to assist the petitioners to come up with better arguments to forward their cause.


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