Aug 25, 2021 @ 9:57

Gulo mo! Netizens react to Xian Gaza’s convo with alleged lawyer regarding influencer taxes

Convicted scammer Xian Gaza is back with his antics and this time with an alleged abogado.

The notorious social media personality shared Viber conversations he had with an anonymous lawyer regarding social media influencers’ taxes.

In the screenshots shared, it can be seen as a simple inquiry on its effectivity and if it can affect the income earned in the past 2 years. Gaza seemed emboldened by the abogado’s response that the Philippines have a “constitutional proscription against ex-post facto laws or statutes penalizing actions retroactively.”

Gaza therefore asked if it’s merely propaganda from the BIR which the unknown lawyer confirmed. He is now being called out on social media for spreading misinformation as one argued that the BIR only clarified that influencers are taxable persons.

The proscription therefore does not apply as no new tax liabilities are being imposed. Another one added that taxable income made within or outside the Philippines will be collected as long as you are a resident. This is in reference to a taxation lawyer’s tweet on why it’s important to consult a CPA or an abogado to pay the right taxes.

The public is also advised to listen to experts only as misinformation will only end up costing you more.

In support of said statement, Gaza was further criticized for not knowing the basic that even a law student knows. One Archie Capila said that legal opinions that stand on sketchy grounds should not be followed.

But what do you expect from a self-proclaimed white collar criminal?

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