Guevarra supports reimposition of death penalty

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Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra on Tuesday expressed belief that the reimposition of death penalty will deter the commission of heinous crimes.

Guevarra issued this statement when asked to comment on President Duterte’s State of the Nation Address last Monday urging Congress to reinstate capital punishment to deter the proliferation of illegal drugs in the country.

He pointed out that death penalty may allow criminals to “think twice” before committing felonious acts.

“As Secretary of Justice, I believe that the imposition of the death penalty may somehow deter the commission of serious crimes. indeed it is difficult to measure or prove a negative proposition; who will ever know how many crimes did not happen because of the fear of the death penalty?”

“But ordinary human behavior indicates that the fear of being put to death for the commission of a crime will naturally prompt a criminally minded person to think twice ” he said.

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