Tuesday 11 December, 2018
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Guevarra defends deportation of European politiko: Only Pinoys can protest

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Newly-appointed Justice Secretary con Monday defended the government’s move to prohibit from entering into the country Giacomo Filibeck, deputy secretary-general of the Party of European Socialists, on Sunday.

“It is unlawful for aliens staying in our country to engage in partisan political activities, and the government has the right to refuse entry to those who have committed these illegal acts in the past,” Guevarra said in a SMS.

Filibeck was supposed to join the Akbayan Partylist Congress to be held on Monday, April 16, in Cebu City. PES is a sister party of Akbayan.

But Filibeck was held and immediately deported by immigration officials at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport.
He was one of at least 20 foreign guests. But according to Akbayan’s Justine Balane, Filibeck was the only one barred from entering.

“He was blacklisted by the Philippine government as he was part of the international solidarity mission in October 2017 where they denounced the killings,” Balane said.

“Now the Philippine government is accusing him of ‘illegal political activities,'” he added.

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