Group seeks writs of amparo, habeas data vs military

Group seeks writs of amparo, habeas data vs military

The National Union of People’s Lawyers (NUPL) on Monday filed a petition for Writ of Amparo and Writ of Habeas Data, or protection from harassment and threats from the military before the Supreme Court (SC).

The petition was filed following accusations by Major General Antonio Parlade Jr, the deputy chief-of-staff for civil military operations, linking NUPL to communist rebels.

For immediate relief, the group sought the immediate issuance of a Temporary Protection Order, prohibiting the military from going near the petitioners within a given distance.

The petition also sought a Writ of Habeas Data, to compel the military to turn over and destroy information that they have on the petitioners.

“These threats and intimidation, including the fact that Petitioners are being subjected to surveillance, are clear indicia that Respondents are in possession of information, which they have unlawfully compiled and are using as basis in the cited spate of attacks,” said the NUPL.

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