Great switch! Law students react to all-JD rule

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It seems like the Legal Education Board’s new memorandum on giving out all Juris Doctor degrees to law students is getting a positive response. Many aspiring abogados reacted positively to its immediate implementation.

One abogado aspirant rejoiced over the fact that he does not need to do a thesis. He noted that there are two types of JDs anyway: thesis and non-thesis.

Another law student even called the big switch as the “Great Migration” to further impress the importance of the new development.

This aspiring abogado seems to be quite satisfied with getting a JD. It seems like most of them are not too keen about doing a thesis in law school.

Your Lawyer Says, on the other hand, broke it down for most people. He talked about the non-issuance of LLB, issuance of diplomas to now reflect JD and that there are two types of JD diplomas now.

Finally, an Arellano Law student proclaimed that by next semester, they will be receiving their JD following the instruction of the LEB.

It seems like all is good in the hood!

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