Government to release an initial 117 COVID-19 vulnerable PDLs – BPP

The Board of Pardons and Parole on Wednesday revealed that an initial batch of 117 persons deprived of liberty (PDLs) have been confirmed eligible for parole under the Interim Guidelines for Parole and Executive Clemency.

In a statement, the BPP added that another 424 PDLs are likewise deemed possibly eligible for parole under the said guidelines but still awaiting clearance from the National Bureau of Investigation before their eligibility is confirmed.

The Interim Guidelines have simplified the procedure for the grant of parole and executive clemency to PDLs who are elderly and sick since they are considered most vulnerable to CoVid-19.

The guidelines reduced the documentary requirements for parole and clemency application from a maximum 16 documents to just three.

PDLs who could possibly be released on parole or executive clemency under the Interim Guidelines need only to submit Clearances of No Pending Cases and of No Appeal from the court, and an NBI Clearance.

However, PDLs who committed heinous crimes or were involved in cases relating to illegal drugs, or those classified as high risk by the Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) do not benefit from the Interim Guidelines.

The initial batch of confirmed and possible beneficiaries under the Interim Guidelines – which so far total Five Hundred Forty One (541) PDLs – came from the Six Hundred (600) PDLs whose carpetas have been transferred by BuCor to the BPP for evaluation. The BPP is set to receive a new batch of carpetas for evaluation this week.#

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