Oct 21, 2021 @ 12:57

Former Justice Brion pitches whistleblower rule for SC’s new Judicial Integrity Board

Retired Supreme Court Justice Arturo Brion had a proposal for the newly-created body that aims to catch crooks within the Judiciary.

In his Manila Bulletin column, the former magistrate shared parts of his speech before the Judicial Integrity Board (JIB) and the Corruption Prevention and Investigation Office (CPIO) which are both aimed at uprooting corruption within Philippine courts.

For Brion, it will only be effective with the help of informants who will blow the whistle on dirty players.

“You can ask people, not only within the judiciary but also from outside, to join you by sponsoring and asking the Court to approve a whistleblower’s rule for the judiciary, with no one exempted – not the justices, nor the judges, nor the officials, not even yourselves,” Brion said, noting that it’s a common practice among private corporations here and abroad.

“People should be able to write, call, text, or otherwise communicate with your Board, with the Court itself or its chosen representative, under terms the Court shall define, to relay information on corrupt, illegal or unethical practices happening within our midst, not only in administrative tasks but even in the performance of judicial duties,” he added.

“When people can do this without substantial risks to themselves, their jobs and their means of livelihood (and specifically, without fear of retaliatory action) for the wrong doings they report, then they will come and be one with you. Nobody likes to live in a dirty house and they will gladly join in the house cleaning that is your Board’s mandate to undertake.”

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