Feb 3, 2021 @ 11:18

Fierce o Fears: Marvic Leonen trends after Anti-Terror oral arguments

Associate Justice Marvic Leonen trends online after his polarizing way of interpellation during the Anti-Terrorism Law oral arguments.

The abogado has been the subject of praise and scrutiny, dividing people whether he is for or against the petitioners.

Marvic Leonen: I understand the fears of the petitioners, but…

While discussing the bill of rights, Leonen reverted back to ask the petitioner’s counsel if indeed the President is concerned with the Bill of Rights. When he responded affirmatively, the abogado asked, “Really?”

The back and forth between Leonen and abogado Alfredo Molo III was truly notable. Early on the oral arguments, the abogado denied Molo the chance to answer a question he has not asked yet.

Oro Youth Chair Tonton Neri also hyped up the next few sessions with Solicitor General Jose Calida. The abogado said that it will be interesting to see how they will interact.

However, not everyone was crazy about the line of questioning Leonen took. One said that the Justice is look for actual controversy to justify the unconstitutionality case. He stated that this might become another Falcis vs. Civil Registrar-General case.

Falcis also commented and struck back those expressing hope on how Leonen is behaving. The abogado used the opinion penned by the Cybercrime Law that follows the same logic he might apply to this case.

No actual until decision is made!

From classroom to courtroom: Abogado faces former prof Leonen in Anti-Terror Law oral arguments

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