Falcis, who filed petition for same-sex marriage, finds comfort in prof’s words

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Things did not completely go well during the first oral arguments on same-sex marriage in the Philippines, but abogado and LGBT advocate Jesus Falcis found comfort in the words of his former teacher.

Professor Dan Gatmaytan defended Falcis, who filed the petition to allow same-sex marriage in the country.

When asked about what he thought was the biggest flaw of the petition, Gatmaytan replied: “Actually, I saw no mistake. The hierarchy of courts is not an iron-tight rule. There are no factual issues that have to be threshed out. The issue is the constitutionality of the definition of marriage so the Court could have considered the case. Falcis’ standing is actually based on a more complicated argument that the Justices did not bother to understand. In any case, the intervention of the gay couple who were denied the license should have cured the ‘defect.’ Leonen is right: the Court is not ready to deal with this issue so they took the standard way out of the case.”

Falcis responded to the statement of Professor Dan Gat, as he calls him, and reflected on his words.

“I learned a lot from Professor Dan Gat. Even though I failed his subject Legal Method when I was in first year of UP Law, he helped shape my legal philosophy a lot – from focusing on ratio decidendi and obiter dictums,” Falcis said.

“I am humble enough to admit I probably made mistakes. But I am heartened to hear my former Professor’s legal opinion.”

The question remains: Is the Philippines ready for this kind of law?

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