Saturday 15 December, 2018
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Totoo ba? Netizens intrigued by ‘Calida scandal’

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Social media has been speculating on the real story behind Solicitor General Jose Calida’s latest scandal. Rumors say that the abogado allegedly gave her mistress 1.8 million pesos for personal use.

According to online sources, Calida’s wife angrily stormed the abogado’s office to confront the executive assistant – his alleged mistress – regarding their affair. The said couple were also accused of sourcing this money from the Office of the Solicitor General funds.

Netizens’ reactions were mixed as no official reports were aired on the said matter. Some speculated that it is true while others refuse to believe it without concrete evidence.

This concerned citizen seems all too eager to pass judgement against Calida. He bluntly stated that he now lacks the ascendancy to persecute anyone including Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno.

However, one netizen decided to give both SolGen Calida and his EA the benefit of the doubt. He even gave them practical tips to follow, regardless of how they wish to act or proceed with their rumored affair.

These two citizens seem to miss the point altogether as they argue about the propriety behind the scandal’s name. The netizen pointed out that calling it a “puday scandal” is demeaning to all women and is misogynistic at best since it also involves Calida.

One also noted that this could just be another distraction from the pressing matters plaguing the country at the moment. She shared that the on-going fiasco with Kuwait should not be buried by senseless issues like these.

Many also turned to Calida’s parody account for information. The said Twitter personality spilled that someone sent him a link to their alleged “sex tape.”

However, he immediately backtracked on the allegation and claimed that he refuse to watch the said video. He asked his followers to just watch it for him instead and give the details later.

As of press time, Calida has neither confirmed nor denied the allegations. The other parties also remain silent on the issue.

Truth or trap? You decide!

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