Exposed! Wilfredo Garrido unveils overpriced Makati items

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Atty. Wilfredo Garrido knows corruption when he sees it. The abogado recently uploaded a copy of expenses made by the City of Makati as submitted last January 2019.

Garrido noted that the Makati LGU spends 1500 pesos per bag of cement and 3000 pesos on nails. The abogado also shared that they are throwing 17000 pesos on backpacks and another 5000 pesos on first aid kits.

The abogado pointed out that there is obviously something going on behind the overspending. He also called out for a justification for the 21-million worth ambulance and asked if it comes with an operating room.

He threatened, “Dapat ipako na yang mga kurakot sa krus at ilibing ng buhay sa cemento.”

Kay Binay, mahal mabuhay!

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