Sep 22, 2021 @ 10:56

Experienced! Abogado group backs Isko Moreno’s presidential run

A group of lawyers and law students backed Manila Mayor Isko Moreno joining the 2022 presidential race, saying he’s the man the country needs.

“He has shown capable leadership, the charisma and gravitas to lead and an enduring vision for genuine reform. He has exemplified that quality public service is a passion as can be gleaned from his long and fruitful years in office,” the group ISKOLARS said in a statement, led by eight abogados and several paralegals.

They are Atty. Aristotle O. Valera, Atty. Kriselle S. Balmes, Atty Ana Cecilia Bautista, Atty. Cesar A. Aggalot, Atty. Eliodoro N. Caluya, Atty. Edione Quiñones, Atty. Sharima Rescar and Atty. Gleim Brean Eran.

“Isko inspires us to become better citizens and follow in his stead,” they added. His extensive experience in local governance and moral standing as a legitimate voice of the poor aligns with the ideal of every legal professional and academic – that of strengthening our democratic institutions, making its presence felt at the grassroots level of our society.”

“Only then can we achieve genuine, inclusive reform aimed at bettering the lives of our countrymen.’

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