Ex-Leyte solon Ong accuses successor Javier of falsifying certificate of candidacy

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Former Leyte 2nd District Rep. Henry Ong has filed a falsification complaint before the Ombudsman against Rep. Lolita Javier, who defeated him in the May elections.

In a recent 10-page complaint, Ong accused Javier of “making untruthful statements of facts” in the certificate of candidacy (COC) she filed on October 17, 2018, effectively attacking her qualifications.

Ong questioned Javier’s declaration that she was a “registered voter” of Barangay I, Jaro municipality, saying the Election Registration Board (ERB) only approved her application in an October 25, 2018 hearing.

The COC, it may be noted, contained “I will be a registered voter” as an option. But, Ong said Javier chose to make it appear that “I am a registered voter” already.

Ong also assailed Javier’s statement that she was a resident of Jaro for “44 years and 2 months,” even as her husband Leonardo Javier, Jr., lived and served as mayor in Javier municipality, which is part of the 5th district.

“It is quite perplexing as to how a publicly recognized married couple such as Lolita and Leonardo were allowed to assume their previous and current official positions despite the stark difference in their places of residence,” Ong said.

Although Javier was still a private individual when she allegedly committed falsification, Ong argued that the Ombudsman should still take jurisdiction under its Administrative Order Number 08.

The said order states: “There is no law which limits the jurisdiction of the Office of the Ombudsman to cases against public officers and employees involving acts or omissions ‘in relation to their office.'”

Ong interpreted this to mean that the Ombudsman should “not make any distinction as to when the act or omission was committed.”

Javier’s husband Leonardo is the chief executive officer of Andok’s Corporation.

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