Jan 18, 2021 @ 9:02

Ex-CJ Panganiban says Con-Ass conflict better left for Supreme Court to resolve

Former Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban flagged that the legal question over the Constituent Assembly will be a major issue in reforming the 1987 Constitution.

The expert abogado discussed charter change efforts at the House of Representatives, dissecting the many questions raised by critics and citizens about the last-ditch effort to push for Constitutional reform.

He raised the Con-Ass strategy as a major question. “This method brings up the delicate issue of whether the two Houses of Congress should discuss, deliberate, and vote jointly or separately to satisfy the required affirmative vote of ‘three-fourths of all its [Congress’] Members,'” Panganiban said.

“This issue could be resolved with finality only by the Supreme Court, a process that could take a lot of time,” he added.

The only way to push the cha-cha would be to “ride on the President’s 91-percent trust rating” and not to insert any other provisions apart from President Rodrigo Duterte’s requested party-list reform and the easing of protectionist provisions against foreign ownership.

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