Sep 26, 2021 @ 17:14

Ex-CJ Panganiban cites the many SC rulings declaring Marcoses’ billions of ill-gotten wealth

These Supreme Court rulings should ensure Filipinos never forget about the grand corruption of the Marcos family.

Former Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban spelled out the many decisions of the high court proving the illegal wealth amassed by former dictator Ferdinand Marcos, his wife Imelda Marcos, and their cronies who got away with stealing from public coffers.

Among the most important decisions are the following:
– Republic v. Sandiganbayan (July 15, 2003), which forfeited $658 million in stolen funds plus interest hidden through front organizations: The decision also established that the Marcoses only earned $304,372.43 in “lawful income” and that their multimillion-dollar stash was inexplainable;
– Yuchengco v. Sandiganbayan (Jan. 20, 2006), which forfeited controlling shares in PLDT owner Philippine Telecommunications Investment Corp.;
– Marcos Jr. vs Republic (April 25, 2012), which upheld that the $3.37 million Arelma assets are ill-gotten and seized in favor of the national government;
– Estate of Marcos v. Republic (Jan 18, 2017), which deemed Imelda’s “Malacañang Collection” of jewelry as ill-gotten.

Panganiban also pointed out that the government could have taken back millions more of stolen wealth from the Marcoses had prosecutors done a better job defending other cases, mainly for foreign currency bank accounts and money stashed through alleged dummy corporations and croneis.

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