Estelito Mendoza isn’t brighter than any UP law school grad: He’s simply far less principled – Carranza

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Most people think abogado Estelito Mendoza is the GOAT (greatest of all time for you non-millennials) in Philippine legal circles. But count out international human rights lawyer Ruben Carranza among Mendoza’s fawning admirers. Carranza called Mendoza “shameless, completely unprincipled legal footsoldier” of the later President Ferdinand Marcos.

“Mendoza isn’t more brilliant than any other graduate of the UP law school,” said the former Presidential Commission on Good Government commissioner on Facebook.

“He is simply far less principled and now too invested in corruption, influence-peddling and the fleeting privileges they bring to ever think that he is actually nothing more than a mere foot soldier of a dead dictator and his cronies,” he added.

Apparently, Carranza is not impressed with Mendoza’s court wizardry and track record.

“Who needs any kind of legal argument when you could just jail your opponent — and his lawyer? As the dictatorship’s solicitor-general, Mendoza’s job wasn’t so much to represent the State as it was to put together an army of small-thinking, spineless subordinates at the OSG who would populate the dictatorship’s judiciary. Anyone who has 14 years of absolute, death-dealing power and ill-gotten wealth can do that,” said Carranza.

Carranza has come out with guns blazing recently when he criticized the 88-year old abogado for planning to weave his magic anew in the poll protest case of Marcos’ son, Bongbong, and the “ninja cop” case of former Philippine National Police Chief Oscar Albayalde.

“Why stop at pulling strings in the judiciary for an election-stealing dictator’s son when you can also pull strings in the Duterte government on behalf of a drug-stealing-then-dealing police chief? Nothing is too wrong, illegal or immoral for someone who was willing to be a dictator’s apologist for 14 years,” said Carranza.

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