Ernesto Neri on law school: It’s not just self-hate, booze!

Atty. Ernesto Neri has a lot to correct when it comes to the general experience in law schools. The abogado described the three roles that a lawyer plays in his column in Sunstar.

Neri listed that lawyers are technicians first. Their toolbox is the law and they wheel this around whenever they try to seek justice or as the situation their clients are in require it.

The abogado also said that lawyers can be deemed as engineers because they build institutions, and lastly, they are also social healers because they have the ability to free you. He explained that he wanted to point this out to encourage more college graduates to pursue a career in law and break stereotypes that it is just a rock bottom place for people.

Di lang naman puro “pass” dyan. Character building din!

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