Sep 14, 2020 @ 11:30

Enabler much: Jesus Falcis reveals Ranhilio Aquino accused of being a rapist

Abogado Jesus Falcis is coming down hard on Fr. Ranhilio Aquino after Governor Manuel Mamba revealed that he is a rapist.

Days after his pro-Marcos sentiments, the abogado is now accused of preying on students during one particular episode on the radio show, “CayGandang Cagayan.”

In Falcis’ tweet, it was alleged that Aquino was called out by Mamba to stop turning the students he likes into sex slaves last September 2. The abogado also took note of the timestamp where Mamba called Aquino a rapist too during the said show.

Just when you think people will stop at R for revisionist!

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