Elmer Rabuya uses Catriona Gray’s farewell speech to give Bar pep talk

Abogado and law professor Elmer Rabuya beautifully simplified the farewell speech of Miss Universe Catriona Gray for this year’s bar takers. The abogado noted that the main thing to do is always conquer.

Rabuya noted that conquering comes in three parts. First, the aspiring abogado must learn how to conquer him or herself by really believing that the end goal can be achieved.

The abogado also noted that the bar taker needs to conquer the perception of others and use it as a propelling force to push him or her closer to his or her goals. Finally, he wrote that there is a need to find purpose in conquering. Otherwise, if the goal is to do bad things, there is no point in passing.

Eto na talaga yung silver lining!

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