Jan 17, 2021 @ 14:40

Edcel Lagman: Con-Ass without the Senate is ‘blatant heresy’

The House Committee on Constitutional Amendments should know better than force its hand railroading changes to the 1987 Constitution by itself.

Albay Representative and expert abogado Edcel Lagman scolded committee chair Ako Bicol Rep. Alfredo Garbin, Jr., also a lawyer, for disregarding established protocols.

“It is a blatant heresy for the House or any of its committees to act
as a Constituent Assembly alone without the indispensable
participation of the Senators,” Lagman said in a statement days after Garbin boldly declared that the House panel is convening as a ConAss.

“Neither the House or the Committee on Constitutional Amendments can constitute itself as a Constituent Assembly in solitude,” he added.

It sounds counterintuitive to not follow what the country’s charter says on how to amend it.

“When meeting as members of the Constituent Assembly, the
Representatives and Senators act not as legislators to enact laws but
as constituent members of an assembly to consider proposals to amend or revise the Charter pursuant to Article XVII of the Constitution,” Lagman insisted.

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