Dec 1, 2020 @ 12:01

Duterte’s abogado training keeps him up at night. Here’s why

President Rodrigo Duterte is blaming his law school training for his long nights working in Malacañang.

His distorted body clock is apparently the by-product of industriously poring through the many documents he has to sign as head of the republic.

“Alam ko naman kasi mayor ako, the state papers that would come my way, I will have to read it before sign it. I cannot just sign it just because a subordinate has already initialed it – na nabasa na nila na okay for signature,” said the abogado President.

“Binabasa ko ‘yan. So it takes me until morning time. So matulog ako niyan mga alas kuwatro, alas singko… I have a job to do, and you have to do it right,” he added.

Finance-related papers are especially a pain, Duterte said, as he was trained for criminal law and not economics issues.

“You really have to read what you sign. Hindi ka puwede magpirma diyan. Ganoon ‘yan kakapal ‘yang papel diyan sa opisina. Tapos sabihin ninyo hindi nagtatrabaho. Palit tayo. Matutunaw ‘yung utak ninyo,” he challenged his critics.

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