Saturday 15 December, 2018
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Duterte says Sereno shouldn’t have been in SC in the first place: Even a bar flunker is better than CJ

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President Rodrigo Duterte cursed and insulted Chief Justice Ma Lourdes Sereno whom he believed should have not been appointed to the High Court.

Duterte has not forgotten how, nearly two years aog, Sereno lectured him on warrantless arrests after Duterte ordered the police to arrest judged protecting drug lords and narco-politikos.

“Kaya sabi ko torpe ka, that’s why should not be there. For a Chief Justice, hindi mo alam ‘yan (polie allowed to make warrantless arrests)? Bakit ka magbigay ng salita ng ganun? Kaya nagalit ako sa iyo because even an ordinary flunker ng law, alam ‘yan,” said Duterte in a speech Friday..

“Tsaka hindi ka dapat diyan talaga in the first place. And that term of yours — until what? 2030? That’s — that’s too long for an ignorant Chief Justice. It’s too long. Tama na ‘yan. Give way. If I were you, I will resign,” he added.

Sereno biggest asset in her appointment to the SC and as CJ was being a classmate of then President Noy Aquino.

“So talagang dapat paalisin ka, noon pa. Buang ka na, putang ina mo. Kung anong pinagsasabi mo, kaya sabi mo gusto ko talaga (paalisin kita), o ngayon?” said Duterte who ordered the Congress to expedite moves to impeach Sereno.

Duterte also urged Sereno to stop her pretensions as a knowledgeable magistrate.

“Sabi ko ‘yung — a pretended knowledge or pretentions of who you are, stop it. Just because you are the Chief Justice, you are not smart. Kasi kung smart ka, matatag ka diyan, walang lalaban sa iyo, at hindi ka nagkakamali sa mga declarations mo. If you are that ignorant, you better go. You are just risking the country into a chaos. Umalis ka na,” he said.

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