Duterte reveals hazing experience at San Beda Law: Kiss man on lips or endure 300 paddle hits

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President Rodrigo Duterte has lifted the veil on the hazing rites that recruits of the San Beda College of Law-based Lex Talionis fraternity had to go– at least during his time as a student.

Duterte recounted his experience as an aspiring frat member Thursday (November 1) as he announced the dismissal of the three Philippine National Academy (PNPA) cadets involved in an oral sex scandal.

“Sa hazing noong panahon namin sa frat may taga Davao dalawa kami so gusto nila na maghalikan kami. Ang pinaka ano noon si Rosanna Roces pati si Marquez ‘yung mga bomba star. Sabi niya na, ‘Sige maghalikan kayo’. Sabi ko, ‘Master, masusuka ako’. Sabi ko, ‘I I cannot do it. Masusuka ako,'” he recalled.

Duterte said the “master” of the initiation rites told him to quit but he didn’t want to. He said he’d rather be killed than kiss his fellow male recruit on the lips.

“So sabi nila plus 300 na palo. Sabi ko, ‘Sige, go ahead.’ So I was hospitalized after that,” he said.

Duterte then said the three PNPA cadets who forced two male plebes to perform oral sex as punishment for disobeying orders have no place in the police force.

“I don’t need that kind of policemen. Not for me, during my time, in my generation, for the next generation of Filipinos. You do not train a soldier or a policeman who goes out of the academy with a trauma,” he said.

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