Duterte clueless why US senators fell for de Lima’s lies: Nagtsuk-tsukan na, gusto pa maging presidente!

President Rodrigo Duterte is disappointed that United States senators have chosen to believe detained Senator Leila de Lima’s lies instead of respecting the country’s judicial system.

“They refused to believe de Lima is a criminal. That she was collecting money to use in her campaign. She just wants — that’s ambition. She wanted to run for senator because she wanted to run for president,” said Duterte in a speech.

“And now she’s lying to death, pretending she’s innocent. These foolish Americans, crazy, crazy, cowards, idiots, crazy. They believed that de Lima’s case was just fabricated by the government,” he added.

Duterte said that prosecutors followed the legal process in successfully putting de Lima in jail since 2017. “The case was tried in court, it has even reached the Supreme Court but it has been returned there. So how can that be possible? Even here in Leyte, can someone do that? Will no one admonish you and say, ‘Mayor, don’t do that, that’s not true. Don’t invent stories. Tell the truth’.” They won’t believe it,” said Duterte.

To further stress his point, Duterte raised the alleged sex video of de Lima with her lover.

“You (de Lima) were even having exhibition, tsuk, tsuk, tsuk, tsuk, tsuk. Have you seen it? Didn’t you find it disgusting? She even did this. [Smacks his lips] Ah son of a b****,” said Duterte.

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