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Duterte bored by corporate law: I wanted to be a criminal lawyer; ironically, I became a criminal and not a lawyer

President Rodrigo Duterte always knew what he wanted when he went to take up law in San Beda School of Law in the late 1960s.

Duterte said he shunned the more lucrative world of corporate law for the excitement and challenge of prosecuting criminal cases in open trial.

“Maganda ang trial. Ang abogado na walang trial, if you work in a corporate world walang thrill para sa akin. So I really chose to be, I really wanted to be a prosecutor, a criminal lawyer,” said Duterte in an interview with Pastor Apollo Quiboloy.

After passing the Bar, Duterte immediately immersed himself in trial work as a fiscal.

” I was doing trial work everyday. And when I was younger, in my younger days, because the criminal cases take precedence, so they are being called first. Pagkatapos ng mga criminal cases, civil case ka na,” said Duterte.

“But I was really learning at that time, learning the ropes of the trade. I used to just stay behind and listen to the old guys also para makatulong, to broaden the (knowledge),” he added.

“The irony of it all is that I ended a criminal minus the lawyer. You know what? Inaasar ko ‘yang kabila. When I do that, when I make jokes that are not kind of a gray thing, not funny but funny, it’s because that is the Philippine experience,” said Duterte.

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