Thursday 13 December, 2018
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Dumb and Dumber! Ernesto Neri calls Larry Gadon ‘a child’

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Atty. Ernesto Neri is so done with the antics of fellow abogado, Atty. Larry Gadon. The abogado expressed his sentiments over Gadon after he once again took a jab against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno.

Neri hesitantly called him “a child” after he had a heated and childish argument with Etta Rosales about Sereno. The abogado, however, backpedaled on the comparison since being compared to Gadon “insults a child”.

Atty. Larry Gadon is one of the main proponents of the impeachment case against Chief Justice Sereno. The abogado also recently filed graft complaints against some members of Sereno’s staff and other Supreme Court officials.

What a waste of oxygen!

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