Nov 20, 2020 @ 15:11

Don’t me! VP Robredo pushes back against trolls’ attempt to discredit her

Vice President Leni Robredo posted a celebratory and word of caution against two kinds of supporters.

The abogado shared recently how the total donation money received by her office ballooned to 50 million, and how there had been outpouring in-kind donations despite the public attack delivered by President Rodrigo Duterte.

Robredo also responded to a purveyor of fake news who accused her of bringing cameras and director to her relief operations. The abogado mentioned that it was taken in 2018 when she attended the inauguration of a mental health facility in Cebu. The media was invited by the organizers of the event.

The abogado also called out the attacks being made against her daughters. She said that they are raised to be outspoken but all of their achievements were borne out of their hard work and nothing else.

Lalaban na si Leni!

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