DOJ’s ‘decongestion project’ now underway

Justice Undersecretary and concurrent spokesman Markk Perete on Friday disclosed that the Justice Department has started reducing its backlog of over 1,000 cases on petition for review.

Petitions for review are filed before the DOJ questioning the findings of public prosecutors.

“We started this (decongestion project) since about three months ago. On average, the project has yielded around 80 draft resolutions per week on pending petitions for review,” Perete bared.

According to Perete, teams were created and headed by DOJ undersecretaries and assistant secretaries to help Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra resolve the pending petitions for review.

“Each Usec and Asec head a team of prosecutors which evaluate, and review, the petitions,” he disclosed.

Guevarra recently revealed that he inherited a huge backlog of petitions for review when he assumed office last 2018.

“When I assumed the position of Justice Secretary, over ten thousand cases – in fact estimates peg the number at close to fifteen thousand – have yet to be resolved,” Guevarra disclosed during a conference of the Prosecutors League of the Philippines (PLP).

“That such a huge backlog exists is worrisome,” he said.

Guevarra remained hopeful “to resolve the huge number of untouched petitions for review that we inherited from the past.”

“That the appealed cases of those denied justice have for so long languished in our docket constitutes a travesty which I hope to address,” he said.

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