DOJ to use Senate committee report vs ‘ninja cops’

Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra on Friday said the Senate blue ribbon committee report against the so-called ‘ninja cops’ will be use in the Justice Department’s reinvestigation over the alleged recycling of illegal drugs by law enforcement officials.

“I’m sure senator Gordon’s committee will furnish the DOJ a copy of its report. This report will surely be useful in the reinvestigation of the alleged drug recycling/ninja cops case currently being conducted by the DOJ. Any relevant evidence presented during the senate hearings may be adopted or presented by any interested party during the DOJ reinvestigation,” Guevarra said in a message.

Senator Richard Gordon released the first part of the committee report on the alleged recycling of illegal drugs done by rogue cops.

The powerful Senate blue ribbon and the justice and human rights committees, both chaired by Gordon, has been investigating the “ninja cops” controversy, where the name of resigned Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Gen. Oscar Albayalde was brought up.

Albayalde, who attended three hearings on the matter, was accused of intervening with the dismissal case of his subordinates when he was still the provincial director of Pampanga PNP.

Thirteen policemen, who conducted the controversial November 2013 drug sting in Mexico, Pampanga, were charged for allegedly mishandling the evidence confiscated from the said operation.

Amid damaging allegations made by two retired generals against him, Albayalde relinquished his post as the country’s top cop last October 14

Gordon earlier said Albayalde’s early retirement will not exclude him from any accountability.

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