Doctors curse Koko Pimentel to high heaven

A chat group composed mainly of doctors and nurses have been cursing to high heaven administration Senator Aquilino ‘Koko’ Pimentel III after he went to the posh Makati Medical Center Tuesday night with his pregnant wife despite being a person under investigation for COVID-19.

In one post, an obviously-upset author disclosed that Pimentel’s demeanor forced six (6) doctors and nurses of the hospital to go on quarantine.

This further depleted the already dwindling workforce of the hospital, he continued.

“That fucking irresponsible senator should be charged with murder!!! Knowing he has it and not disclosing and walking around the hospital as if it’s a mall, endagering the lives of doctors!!! Because of his stupidity, has forced the quarantine of at least 6, further depleting the medical work force,” read one of the posts, which was written in” all caps. ”

Pimentel brought his wife Kathryna to the Makati Medical Center Tuesday evening, as she was scheduled to give birth Wednesday morning.

The Pimentels said that they were already at the hospital when the senator received the news about his test results.

” I was informed late last night March 24, 2020, (Tuesday) that I have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. The swab was taken last Friday, March 20, 2020,” Pimentel said in a statement.

For her part, Kathryna Pimentel clarified that contrary to what was being reported in social media, the lawmaker never entered the delivery room.

Sen. Koko never entered the delivery room of Makati Med. He went with me sa makati Med yesterday to be admitted not knowing he was Covid positive yet. Then RITM called him around 9pm that he was positive. But he was just in the room.

” As soon as he found out he was positive, he left me already and told my OB about his situation. For weeks now he was in self quarantine and practicing social distance. We don’t even share a room for 10 days already….It was only yesterday that he went with me for admission coz he was also excited to see me deliver “sana” which was scheduled today at 7am, but was cancelled. They required me to get a swab test first before im allowed to give birth. So he never entered the Delivery room, ” she said in a message to reporters.

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