Dianna Dela Guerra on law school application: ‘Hindi pumasa outright, for interview pa’

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Atty. Dianna Dela Guerra is living proof that one must not give up on her dreams. The abogado retells the story of what made her apply for the law school in the first place and how much she has grown over the years.

Dela Guerra takes a different twist on the 10-year challenge by sharing how her initial application for law school is not all rainbows and pillows. The abogada said that she did not pass outright and was up for an interview.

The Bar Topnotcher shared how she was raised by a single mom who was also a lawyer and how she grew up knowing how frustrating the law is when it comes to settling a dispute. She wanted to do good and contribute if she turns out to be a good lawyer. After a decade since the reckoning, she wrote, “Today I am a lawyer with 5 years experience in private practice and the academe.”

You’re our true idol, Ms. Abogada!

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