Dec 3, 2020 @ 17:19

‘Di na tinigilan! Ressa seeks dismissal of new cyberlibel case over a tweet

Rappler big boss Maria Ressa is pushing her luck to get a second cyberlibel case filed against her by businessman Wilfredo Keng dismissed.

Keng, who recently won a cyberlibel case against Ressa, is not done from his first victory over a Rappler story tagging him to a news report on “shady” deals back in 2012. This time, he is suing over a tweet that alluded to him.

The tweet was: “Here’s the 2002 article on the ‘private businessman’ who filed the cyberlibel case, which was thrown out by the NBI then revived by the DOJ. #HoldTheLine”

Ressa, through the Free Legal Assistance Group, ran to the court asking to dismiss the new case.

“By any reasonable and unbiased reading, the sentence is not defamatory – read singly, none of the worst are; read together, the sentence is not,” her team said, insisting that the tweet is factual.

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