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Di agree! PALS Board issues statement against JD, PhD equivalency

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The Philippine Association of Law Schools Board of Trustees has finally spoken up on the issue of graduate degree equivalency involving Juris Doctor and the doctorate program. The abogados made it clear that the Legal Education Board and the Commission on Higher Education have recklessly decided on their own and issued the memo.

The PALS trustees would like to appeal to the better judgment of both LEB and CHED regarding the matter of equivalency. The abogados made a lengthy case and quoted several jurisprudence on why a JD is not in the same league as a Ph.D.

The abogados imply that it takes a higher discipline and academic rigor to become a lawyer based on the number of units taken alone. They once again insisted on their “suis generis” status and mentioned that they are open to consultation if the LEB and CHED want to make law more accessible to more people.

Sa hinaba haba ng procession, no pa rin ang sagot!

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