Sunday 24 March, 2019
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Deserving! La Vina shares Leila De Lima’s nomination for Nobel Peace Prize

Atty. Tony La Vina is going above and beyond for detained Senator Leila De Lima. The abogado recently tackled the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize in a column and she shared why De Lima should be a candidate for the esteemed accolade.

La Vina said that De Lima will shine the brightest given the essence of the award-giving body. The abogado tackled the history of the prize, its previous winners and pointed out that Carlos Romulo is the closest Filipino individual who could have received the award.

The abogado continued to list why De Lima should eventually be recognized since she is already recognized internationally for her human struggles under the Duterte administration. He also noted several other recognitions and freedom awards from the international community. As a final note, he wrote, “And whenever she may be nominated, whether for next year or the year after, it is not so impossible that for the first time in more than a century, the Nobel Peace Prize will finally be awarded to a Philippine citizen: the first Filipino Nobel Laureate.”

Nako magagalit DDS dyan!

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