Sunday 16 December, 2018
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Debunked! Chel Diokno celebrates Imelda conviction

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Atty. Chel Diokno is one with the Filipino people in celebrating the graft conviction against the former first lady, Imelda Marcos. The abogado said that finally justice has been served against the lies and corruption that happened during the Marcos dictatorship.

Diokno stated that this debunked the myths of a clean government during the Marcos regime. The abogado said that it was all destroyed and demolished in this case as the Marcos matriarch was sentenced to jail.

The abogado believes that this case proved that they were involved in large-scale corruption but it took too long to finalize a case that has been submitted as early as 1991. He talked about the different experience of his father who was jailed for two years even without a warrant. He hopes that this will serve as an equalizer on the kind of justice people in this country receives.

27 years to prove what many experienced? A catastrophe!

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