Aug 17, 2021 @ 17:14

CPA-lawyer behind damning DOH, DICT audit died recently of heart attack – report

The abogado at the Commission on Audit who looked into the Department of Health’s finances died recently of heart attack, former COA Commissioner Heidi Mendoza said.

In a Facebook post, Mendoza was abhorred to hear the news about Atty. Jake Cimafranca’s passing, a certified public accountant serving COA and the United Nations just like her.

“He is the auditor behind DoH report. Stress can kill, please let us offer a minute of prayer!,” Mendoza said. “Sa Team Leader ng DoH, Jake, may the heaven open up and receive your soul together with all our prayers for the country and the institution we served!”

The COA audit on DOH’s 2020 financial reports revealed some P67 billion in mishandled funds, mainly concerning unliquidated and unreleased money supposedly for pandemic response.

On Monday night, President Rodrigo Duterte lambasted the constitutional body for its adverse findings on the DOH’s mishandled pandemic funds.

In his midnight public address, Duterte told COA to stop “flagging” agencies as they are supposedly giving a “perception of corruption” to government offices.

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