Thursday 13 December, 2018
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Stress ain’t just a feeling: Study shows law school kills brain cells

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Aspiring abogados and abogadas are vindicated for all the bad recitations and failed examinations. A study reveals that law school stress can, in fact, kill a person’s brain cells:

This foreign abogada author, Debra S. Austin, researched about the ill effects of law school stress. Neuroscience says that aspiring abogados and abogadas’ everyday encounter with stress proves to be detrimental to their mental capacity. Apart from that, lawyers are three times more prone to depression because of their circumstances.

Austin proposed a solution to optimize the mental fitness and performance of a law student’s neurons. Science claims neural self-hacking can improve cognitive performance through mental wellness or mindfulness activities and stress management.

This cognitive performance hack can be applied by both aspiring and current abogados and abogadas. Law professors can also do well in applying these healthy brain practices.

Socratic method pa ba? RIP brain cells!

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