Dec 6, 2020 @ 21:32

Consult Atty Claire: Can landowners’ reps evict tenant from property ASAP?

Dear Atty. Claire,

Good day! I want to ask help regarding the place we are renting. A week ago, two persons came to our place.

They introduced themselves as the secretary and lawyer of the landowner. They demanded that we vacate the property by the end of the year. We were given a choice: Leave the property or pay the rent.

What should we do?

Please help.


Dear Lyka,

Before agreeing to the demand of the supposed property owners’ representatives, you should first demand from them proof of ownership.

It is better if you could check whether the property you are occupying has a title because there are so many ways to grab land.

Once you agree to pay rent to these people without checking the veracity of their claim, they can use the lease contract you execute as proof they are in possession of the property.

In short, if the property is not yet titled, they will grab that opportunity to show that they had been in possession of the land because of that contract of lease.

Don’t forget there are lots of scammers on the loose. Just be careful in dealing with people you do not know.

What to do? Check with the Tax Mapping Division, Assessor’s Office and Register of Deeds about the the status of the land you are occupying– as to whether it is already titled or not.

Second, check the identities of the people you are talking to. Ask for their valid IDs, proof of the ownerships when they come back to deal with you.

However, if you know the real owner of the land, it is time to negotiate with them if you still want to stay in the premises.

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