Thursday 13 December, 2018
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In this classroom, no one wants to be the last one standing

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Netizens are speculating about a picture of law school classroom leaked by a student, where almost all of the students were standing.

“Possible reasons: 1. Standing ovation because the prof is so good. 2. A very solemn prayer (for the storm/recit that is coming) 3. A classroom aerobic exercise (because why not?),” Twitter user The Corpus Juris suggested.

Apparently, the students were “stu-DYING” the law with a lethal and serial recitation, which students may tell you is a pretty common occurrence in law schools.

“A sneak peek inside a law school classroom. I think you all know why students are standing, right?” said uploader Korte Supremo.

Intense! In this case, surely no one would want to be the last one standing.

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