China tells Chinese-owned POGOs, casinos to stop targeting Chinese clients

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The Chinese embassy in Manila has warned Chinese companies and individuals running Philippine offshore gaming operators and casinos to stop their “illegal activities” or they would be punished in accordance with Chinese law.

“According to the Chinese laws and regulations, any form of gambling by Chinese citizens, including online-gambling, gambling overseas, opening casinos overseas to attract citizens of China as primary customers, is illegal,” said the embassy said in a statement.

The embassy cited the ruling of its top courts in issuing the warning.

“The Judicial Interpretation of the Relevant Laws on the Application of Online-gambling Crimes jointly issued by China’s Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate clearly stipulates that Chinese citizens gambling overseas, opening casinos to attract Chinese citizens as primary customers may constitute gambling crimes. Criminal liability can be pursued in accordance with the provisions of the Criminal Law of China,” said the embassy in a statement.

Aside from legal issues, the embassy cited the abuses committed by Chinese-owned POGOs and casinos on a large number of Chinese citizens who have been illegally recruited and hired in the Philippine gambling industry.

“In many cases, the employers of Philippine casinos, POGOs and other forms of gambling entities do not apply necessary legal work permits for their Chinese employees. Some Chinese citizens are even lured into and cheated to work illegally with only tourist visas,” the embassy said.

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