Chika Minute: Bruce Rivera brings Andy Bautista back to the spotlight

Atty. Bruce Rivera will not let former Commission on Elections Chairman Andy Bautista rest. The abogado recently uploaded a photo of him, allegedly “living it up” in Oklahoma City with his brother, Martin.

Rivera asked Bautista what he is hiding from that he needed to leave the country. The abogado also inquired towards the conditions of his health and claims that he seems okay since he is “pinkish and happy” amidst alleged sickness and death threats.

The abogado also admitted that he once admired him as a lawyer and concurred that former President Benigno Aquino picked the best of the profession as COMELEC Chair. However, after the onslaught of controversy, he now just waits for the next “poster boy” of Law to sell out like him.

Awww, another star fades!

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