Thursday 13 December, 2018
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Check out the types of recit you’ll definitely have in law school

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Recitations are a big part of the law school experience. The once feared method of learning is a truly memorable and sometimes, a traumatic part of the abogado journey.

This aspiring abogado is kind enough to list the top 11 types of recitation a law student will experience before getting that “Atty”.

The prayer warrior recitation that will continue to fail you.

The recit that made you realize that being prepared is not overrated.

The insane moment when the wrong class card got picked but you can still confidently answer ala Ms. Universe.

Or when the same confidence failed to bring you anywhere.

The day lady luck abandoned you for all eternity:

The recit moment where you decide inventing is your only chance at survival.

When you realize there is no easy round in the road of becoming an abogado.

The moment you realized you have a better chance of becoming a Showtime contestant.

A Martial Law recit that relived the actual historic event.

The type of recit only the best storytellers can pass.

And finally, when your abogado professor starts to think that you are an actual joke:

May the semester be ever in your favor!

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