Check out Cynthia Oquendo-Ayon’s last text before Ampatuan massacre

The late abogado Cynthia Oquendo-Ayon tried to appeal for her life minutes before she and her father was killed. The abogado sent a text to a fellow lawyer to plead for their lives after they were allegedly kidnapped.

Oquendo-Ayon asked that her messages be sent to one of the Ampatuan lawyers then, Tommy Falgui. The abogado’s texts were forwarded but to no avail as Falgui was unable to reach anyone from the Ampatuan camp.

Oquendo-Ayon and her father joined the 58 people killed in the gruesome day in 2009. Last Thursday, Judge Jocelyn Solis-Reyes convicted the Ampatuan for the crime 10 years after it was committed.

Still feels like 2009!

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