Tuesday 11 December, 2018
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Caught in a lie! Bruce Rivera reveals Mary Magdala’s true history

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Atty. Bruce Rivera is stirring the biblical pot. The abogado claims that Mary Magdalene is not really a “prostitute”, contrary to the claims of the Church and Catholic Education.

Rivera said that Mary of Magdala is, in fact, a rich woman who became a disciple and funded Jesus’ preaching activities in various places. The abogado claimed that her, being a woman, became a huge disadvantage especially since she is Peter’s rival when it comes to Jesus’ affection.

The abogado is also convinced that Pope Gregory VI helped spread this unbecoming notion. He noted that whatever the pope said was taken as gospel truth and so was his assumption that Mary Magdalene was nothing but a prostitute who washed Jesus’ feet.

I feel like there’s a hidden message here somewhere!

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