Tuesday 11 December, 2018
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Atty. Barry Gutierrez

Everything’s a lie! barry Gutierrez: Dismissal of drug raps vs. Peter Lim, Kerwin Espinosa prove drug war a sham

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Atty. Barry Gutierrez is not fooled by the antics of the Duterte administration. The abogado recently called the President’s War on Drugs a “sham” after the release of two high profile drug lords.

Along with many abogados, he decried the dismissal of the cases despite Espinosa and Lim’s admission to the charges against them. Gutierrez stated that this is just proof of the selective justice being propagated by Duterte and his men.

The abogado also accused this administration of killing 20,000 people and terrorizing millions of Filipinos over a bogus cause. He even jailed multiple political opponents just to give the illusion that the War on Drugs is working towards progress.

Wow, magic! Dyan magaling si Tatay Digong.

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