Carpio’s dissent: No substantial recovery of votes for Bongbong

Retiring Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio Carpio confirmed that former senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. failed to get a substantial recovery of votes in his three pilot provinces.

This, as Carpio in his 10-page dissenting opinion dismissed the electoral protest with Rule 65 of the 2010 PET rules as his basis.

Also according to Carpio, PET cannot allow the revision and recount of votes in three Mindanao provinces as sought by Marcos because these are not pilot areas.

“Finally, for the Tribunal to allow a revision and recount of the
protestant’s contested precincts in three ARMM provinces, exceeding the
maximum three pilot provinces mandatorily prescribed in the 2010 PET
Rules, is to change the rules of the PET in the middle of the proceedings just
to accommodate protestant after he has failed to show a substantial recovery
in the three pilot provinces he himself chose.”

“The last thing that this Tribunal should do is to change its rules in midstream to accommodate a party who has failed to comply with what Rule 65 of the 2010 PET Rules expressly requires.”

“I therefore vote to DISMISS the protest and counter-protest in PET,” Carpio said in his dissent. #

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