Nov 6, 2021 @ 11:26

Carpio sure Marcos Jr can be kicked out of presidential race. Here’s why

Retired Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio is so certain that the petition to stop ex-Senator Bongbong Marcos from running as president in 2022 will be granted given the legal grounds of the case.

Carpio told reporters that the question on disqualifying the dictator’s son from the race based on moral turpitude, or any crimes that go against justice and good morals expected from a public servant, is present.

“The Marcos camp is concentrating on the DQ in the Election Code because moral turpitude is subject to interpretation. But they fail to realize that the CA (Court of Appeals) decision also ordered Marcos Jr to pay ‘deficiency income tax due with interest,’ apart from the fine,” the legal expert pointed out.

Even if the CA removed the jail sentence imposed by a regional trial court against Marcos for his conviction for not filing his income tax returns, Carpio said it’s still a valid basis to kick him out of the race.

“Since Marcos Jr was ordered to pay deficiency income taxes due, there was tax evasion which inherently involves moral turpitude. Marcos Jr cannot escape moral turpitude under the CA decision,” he added.

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