May 4, 2021 @ 13:40

Carpio says Duterte committed ‘grand estafa’ in making false promise to defend West PH Sea

President Rodrigo Duterte committed a grand crime in fooling the Filipino people with his 2016 promise to take back the West Philippine Sea from China.

“President Duterte cannot now say that he never discussed or mentioned the West Philippine Sea issue when he was campaigning for President. Otherwise, he would be admitting that he was fooling the Filipino people big time,” retired Senior Associate Justice Antonio Caprio said in a statement. “There is a term for that –– grand estafa or grand larceny. Making a false promise to get 12 million votes.”

He is reacting to Duterte’s Monday night claim that he never promised to retake the islands occupied by China. Carpio dug up the President’s old pronouncements to prove his point that in fact, Duterte made that vow repeatedly.

“President Duterte expressly made his position known to the Filipino people when he campaigned for the Presidency in 2016. He declared during the presidential debate that if elected President he would ride a jetski to Scarborough Shoal and plant the Philippine flag,” Carpio added.

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